The Republic of West Who Space Program was established to develop and manage our national space research and development program. SPEA encourages the appeal of space, especially among our young people.  SPEA sponsors a West Who youth space program to explore model rocketry as a means of learning about the basics of propelled rocket flight.


Weather Balloon Launch Video

Weather Balloon launch

Vice President John Farr with NASA Astronaut Stefanyshyn-Piper

Space Director tries on West Who Spacesuit

Could a micronation actually purchase its own space suit?  

Probably not, an astronaut suit is not a commercial item, so it's difficult to determine its' actual cost. However, taking into account both design complexity and harsh environmental conditions of outer space, it seems believable that the price for a real spacesuit starts from two million dollars. (Source: Space Suit Evolution (NASA))

West Who Drone Program

The sky is the limit with the Space Agency drone

West Who Drone

Picture taken over West Who

Over three dozen countries worldwide have armed drones, the Republic of West Who uses its drone for peaceful purposes.

Drone Carrying West Who Flag

Picture taken in West Who

What are the uses of a West Who drone: Capturing live events, surveying surrounding areas; law enforcement; delivering small items; taking aerial shots of West Who and keeping an eye on wildlife.

President Trains in MMU at Space Center

President Farr trained at an American Space Center in Birmingham,  Alabama on a Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU)

President William Farr trained on a MMU manned maneuvering unit most commonly used by NASA for its Space Shuttle astronauts.

MMU allowed astronauts to perform untethered extravehicular spacewalks.